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About Us


In 2010, founding Chief Educational Officer, Jay M Dunlap, created Learning Farm Educational Consultants as a way to give back as a professional educator after his first child was born. Learning Farm donated countless hours to California and international schools as a mentor, teacher trainer and administrator.  Over the last nine years, Learning Farm has continued its mission to improve the quality of education for students with learning differences and those from traditionally underserved communities.  

In 2019, Learning Farm evolved and into an educational non-profit with the same mission and a new name, Learning Farm Educational Resources, Inc. In September, Renaissance Learner Academy opened its doors in San Jose, California.

Learning Farm's Clients

San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District

  • District Charter revision and renewal process
  • Charter school staff training

Bay Area School of Enterprise

  • Compliance and reporting
  • Principal coaching/mentoring
  • Data Driven Instruction (Math)
  • Student Information System training
  • Response to Intervention

Edna Brewer Middle School

  • Interim Assistant Principal (6th grade)
  • Teacher coaching
  • Common Core implementation

Fortuna Union High School

  • Temporary English Teacher (Intervention, 10th grade, CSU ERWC)

American Alliance for International Education

  • K-12 common core aligned curriculum for students in China
  • Digital conferencing for students in China to learn from certificated teachers in California
  • K-12 education delegate to Chinese Ministry of Education (Shanghai/Pudong, Beijing, Wuhan)

North Coast Parents

  • Volunteer treasurer and grant writer

CA First Five-Humboldt 

  • Volunteer grant reviewer

Hope Technology School

  • Project-based learning